Harriet’s Butterflies
by Keith Lipscombe

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4 Responses

  1. Michele Fry says:

    I finally finished listening to all 3 parts of this play.. What an unusual ending! Keith is a talented and thoughtful writer and I encourage him to continue..

  2. William Jones says:

    Very interesting. I’m torn between appreciating your preamble narration that this will be a dream sequence, and regretting that Rita’s last statements didn’t spring a surprise on me. One demerit: Rita’s voice seems to have been recorded elsewhere with a different mic and then spliced into Harriet’s lines. If there was a conscious intent in making it sound like a patchwork, I’ve totally missed it. I love Rita’s Scottish accent! Harriet was played very well! I wish they had both been at the same mic at the same time.

    • Barford Audio Books says:

      Hi William, thank you for taking the time to comment on Harriet’s Butterflies by Keith Lipscombe, and yes you are right about them being recorded separately but we did use the same microphone. We did this for two reasons: firstly for convenience i.e., getting Harriet and Rita (Sally & Liz) together and secondly because of the ‘dream’ nature of the scene. However, both Sally & Liz (Harriet & Rita) agree with you so we will be getting together (literally) in the next couple of weeks to re-record their scene i.e., at the same time, in the same place with the same microphone…!!!

      You might also be interested to know that we are in the process of recording a new story by Keith Lipscombe ‘The Devils often in the Detail’ which hopefully you will listen to and comment on.

      Thanks again – Barford Audio Books.

      • William Jones says:

        The revised recording is something to look forward to. Thanks for the Heads Up!

        Is “Harriet’s Butterflies” a free-standing vignette or an episode from a larger work? If the latter, then I would hope that more episodes will be recorded.

        I was directed to this Barford offering by my good and great friend, Michele Fry whom I first met back in the late 60s, lost track of for 45 years, and then found again in February of 2016. Since that time we’ve begun making up for lost time, sharing stories and commentary on a daily basis. Our families live only a thousand miles apart, which in this internet era is nothing.

        Thank you for producing this interesting audio offering.

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